Friday, July 9, 2010

Baby Update: Week 17

At week 17, we're starting to think about nursery options. I've been trying to buy a rocking chair on Craigslist (I want an old one... not the newer glider versions), but the sellers are obviously not super eager since they haven't returned my emails in a prompt manner. Maybe that means I should hold out for one that is a darker shade to match the furniture we're planning for.

Here's the pregnancy update for the week:

How far along?: 17w3d
How big is Baby?: Just about 5 inches long (think length of palm) and the size of an onion?! Though, I have never seen an onion with a diameter of 5 inches. Anyhow...
Maternity clothes?: No. I have a pair of pants I mentioned last week, though I don't wear them too often since it's really hot here in the Midwest! I still fit into all of my clothes, just not totally comfortably. Some friends have allowed me to borrow some maternity clothes and I'm grateful for that... but no shorts in the mix = not wearing them anytime soon.
Sleep?: Yeah, I do that... just not as well as I used to. Ha!
Best moment of the week?: Seeing family and friends in California and ordering some baby furniture
Movements?: I think I felt 3 small nudges last night. I think.
Food cravings?: Not really. I just want food and quite often.
Aversions?: No
What I miss?: To be specific, the summer ales. Sam Adams Summer Ale comes to mind right now. Oh, and sleeping through the night without having to take bathroom breaks.
What I'm looking forward to?: Baby furniture arriving and our next ultrasound
Anything else?: Baby W's skeleton is hardening this week, fat is growing around the bones, and Baby W has unique fingerprints on his/her tiny fingers and toes.
This week in history: Russian/American spies are being swapped to their respective countries, LeBron James chose the Miami Heat, America celebrates Independence Day on July 4th

What's going on this week (with us)?: We just returned from California (see previous post) and Ray has a shortened work week. I've been researching furniture like crazy and getting ideas for the nursery. It's all very overwhelming since there's simply so much to choose from! On a sad note, my grandpa passed away on Tuesday. :(

Speaking of baby furniture... here is the crib we chose (it's a convertible crib, but does not have drop sides). We don't care for convertible cribs, but they generally have the best styles and are more readily available than those that don't convert into full beds:

Here's the dresser we're considering (but haven't yet purchased). It will double as a changing table and we love the style and color.
We're also interested in this storage unit to match the other furniture. I am envisioning a place to store books, various toys, etc. I think it would be a nice addition.

We love wildlife... as most of you know. This is a piece we plan to purchase for the baby's room. It's a Moose hook. The antlers bend forward and the 3 spaces between the legs also bend forward for hanging purposes. We love it! It only comes in red, but that's nothing a little spray paint won't be able to take care of.
Deliberations are on for paint colors... though it will be something neutral, regardless of the gender. We'd rather have neutral walls that we can decorate than walls we'll have to paint again and again... that color will be released closer to the gender reveal-- mainly because we're still on the fence about our decision!


Sneaker Teacher said... [Reply to comment]

Sorry to hear about your grandfather...that is sad!

Cute pics on the baby furniture. How much longer until you find out the gender?


B. Wilson said... [Reply to comment]

Hi KT,
We find out on July 26, we hope! That's also our anniversary, so it will be a fun day to celebrate.