Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Baby Update: Week 19 -- Halfway! Eek!

We've had a pretty nice week over here at the Wilson house. It included buying lots of furniture. Another post will come tomorrow if it all comes and is assembled. Until then, here's the baby update:

How far along?: 19w1d
How big is Baby?: Baby is 6 inches and about 8.5 oz. That's over half a pound! On another site, I saw it stated that baby was the size of an heirloom tomato-- or mango. My measurement calculations indicate that's either one very large tomato/mango... or these baby websites don't have accurate rulers.
Maternity clothes?: I actually just bought 4 pairs of shorts and two shirts. All of the shorts are too big (I bought a medium and I guess I'm still a small--despite feeling larger), but I think I'll just go with the baggy look and attempt to shrink them. I like a little leg room anyhow. I borrowed a bunch from friends and my current favorites are a pair of stretch black leggings from Alison. I may just have to invest and buy my own since I have a feeling I may never want to wear anything else for the next 5 months. Currently, I'm wearing a pair of plaid shorts with a shirt that fit me pre-pregnancy.
Sleep?: Yeah, it's fine. I only get up about twice during the night. The strangest thing about sleep are the dreams I have! Or shall I say, nightmares! They're super strange and non-baby related. Also, when I wake up in the morning and walk on the tile floor in our bathroom, my feet hurt. I imagine it's because not much circulation has reached them during sleep. After a few minutes, they're fine again.
Best moment of the week?: Having friends over for dinner on Monday night. We filled our entire 10-seater dining room table completely for the very first time! We had an Italian potluck and enjoyed entertaining in our new home.
Movements?: No. I know they'll come... just kind of wish there would be like one nudge just to give me peace of mind. It will come-- all of the books/websites/doctors say that it will occur between 16-22 weeks.
Food cravings?: Not so much-- but if you ask my friends and husband about our freezer right now, you'd think we had a food shortage at the local market. I have a normal fridge, but the freezer has about everything you can imagine in it... including Klondike bars, Drumsticks, gallons of ice cream...
Aversions?: No. I think we're back on track with food.
What I miss?: My thighs and butt being a tad smaller. I also miss cold beer or a nice salt-rimmed margarita.
What I'm looking forward to?: This weekend we're heading to Michigan for our anniversary celebration and staying in South Haven. We may go blueberry picking, out to dinner, exploring... who knows! We're also thrilled to have another ultrasound on Monday (on our anniversary), find out the gender, and celebrate at a new Indian restaurant!
Anything else?: Baby's body is covered in vernix (ew) to protect him/her from the pruning that amniotic fluid can cause on the skin.
This week in history: The cap was finally secured on the BP oil leak. Phew.

What's going on this week (with us)?: Furniture mania! We ordered couches this weekend for our sitting room, scored an incredible rug for $73 (including tax), regularly $600!, ordered end tables for the sitting room, and our crib arrived for pickup. Needless to say, we have a few things to photograph and blog about in the future. I hope to get around to that tomorrow night if all the items are in and assembled.

And now, the crib saga:
This was a fun scene. The crib arrived at the store and I had to go pick it up, solo. Ray was working and I have the larger car anyhow. So... I drive on down there, wait in line for someone to help me and shortly after they brought out the box. The box was obviously too large for my car to hold. I was about 7 miles from home and it was a Monday-- middle of the work day with few friends who were A. home, and B. had a car large enough to help. So... the lovely people helped me take the crib out of the box in pieces and stuff it in the car as best we could. I tied it down, threw on the flashers, and hoped it would arrive without scratching and damage. The bag over my license plate is simply for internet security reasons. I have no idea who reads this blog. About halfway home, it starts to sprinkle. Lovely. But... it did arrive at our house in one piece with no damage thanks to my incredible driving skills. It's now assembled in the baby's room. That reveal will come soon enough. I showed an image of the crib in this post.


Heather said... [Reply to comment]

We are doing Grand Haven MI for our ann trip/ babymoon in Aug. Have fun!!

Julianne Hendrickson said... [Reply to comment]

Hi! I would DEFINITELY spray paint your chandelier! Just get some Rustoleum Bronze metallic paint and tape off anything you dont want to get painted with painters tape. Put it outside on a large piece of carboard and spray away! Two coats, but make sure the item can dry in a cool place between coats.

The chalkboard paint was $10! And I hardly used ANY at all! I think it was definitely a steal for something I will use time and time again!

Nic G. said... [Reply to comment]

Just to ease your mind... Anyone with $5 and your name can stop by the local DMV and find out what your license plate says. They'll also get your home address if that makes you feel any better...

B. Wilson said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks Nic. I sure feel better now.