Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's Wednesday.

Oh man, I'm tired. If you've been following me on Instagram {brandywilson}, you'll know I've been downtown having a blast with 25 other Chicago mom bloggers. I have so much to update on that and I'm seriously still on a high from it all.

I'm currently propped up on the couch with the fire going and exhausted. The B-man is asleep in a snowsuit in his crib. Yeah, #1 mom award, I'm sure. We're just glad Kristi let us borrow it, because I couldn't think how we'd get him to sleep in his room for his nap without bundling him up big time. I'm one of those cheapskates (and also earth-conscious!) that refuses to heat my house much while we're out. That of course results in some frigid temperatures when we get back home.

I'm still tired from booking it to the train station to catch the direct train to the 'burbs that was 1.5 miles away from our hotel. My body is sore from a fitness session yesterday and B decided it was party time, excellent last night around midnight. You know, just an hour after falling to sleep myself. But what's more fun than walking up and down the long hotel hallway with a squirming baby blowing raspberries on your shoulder?

Answer? Not much. Except I do wish he'd reserve the big parties for daylight hours.

Fun tidbit of the day: Benjamin has recently started farting like a full grown adult. It's really something special.

You're welcome.


Solange, Nik, Caitlin and Oliver said... [Reply to comment]

Bahahaha! Ollie has been having man farts for a while now and it's some pretty awesome stuff. Ya, the Wayne's world parties are no fun in the middle of the night.

Anne said... [Reply to comment]

Ha! Wait til he gets to the real person about special.

Kari at A Grace Full Life said... [Reply to comment]

It was so nice to meet you!
And the farting thing?
Good luck with that.
Oh and I like the snuggies.

Heather (Live.Love.Laugh.) said... [Reply to comment]

I am still pretty sore...need to start doing the workout dvd. I enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you better!

We should plan on going to BlogHer!!

Renel said... [Reply to comment]

Harlow's farts could clear the room. Holy schnikies! It's probably something I'm eating but if she's not in pain I'll just deal with her stank ass.. Haha.