Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bug & Bear

Nicknames for the littles that run this joint. We have many nicknames for Benjamin, but Bug has stayed because it's short for lovebug. And he's definitely our lovebug. Bear is Claire's nickname... because naturally. What Claire is not referred to as Claire Bear?

We had a doctor's appointment and I got those same sighs as I did with Benjamin because Claire is gaining 3/4 ounce a day instead of the fictitious rule that babies must gain 1 ounce a day. She's gaining steadily. SHE'S ALIVE. She already started off (once again) at a disadvantage being born so early. Cut the girl some slack! She gained 12 ounces in 16 days (latest tracking) and is over 7lbs now. I'm trying not to take things personally, but that's hard. As a babyloss mom who will always sort of feel inadequate, that's hard. I know I have enough milk for her, but I've started adding Fenugreek and feeding every 2 hours during the day and still every 3 at night. The girl is a fairly good sleeper, but I have no idea how long she can sleep because I've been waking her to force feed. It's exhausting and maddening. And I'll stop once she's gained a little bit more. I have to remember, as many of my friends and family have reminded me, that doctors use numbers and data. They don't see each child individually because they see you for 10 minutes every few months. She's my child and I should know best. And for goodness sakes. I have friends who were still pregnant with their kids at this gestation (41w). Girlfriend is 5 weeks and kicking butt.

Other than the usual your child is small speech, she's doing great. Eating, pooping, sleeping, and looking overall cute in the overload of clothing people have gifted her. I had no idea people would enjoy gifting girl clothes so much. We have not bought her a single piece of clothing. Not with friends and grandparents who have gone to town!
Chicken legs run in the family. And that bow is too big for her head. And holy crap. A bow.
Benjamin is doing fantastic. He's been majorly spoiled by his grandparents from both sides and I'm pretty sure he owns every single Daniel Tiger toy that Toys'r'Us sells. He's nearly two, you guys. Like, Sunday. We're throwing a party for him Saturday with just a few families who have kids his age. I am not planning a ton, but it's paint themed and the menu will be Ikea meatballs, gravy, lingonberry sauce, Pioneer Woman's mashed potatoes, salad, ice cream and a big Costco sheetcake. I try to choose foods that Benjamin likes (at the time) for lunch, and he almost always powers down a plate of those meatballs (which is unheard of for him to eat meat!) when we're at Ikea. Watch. He won't eat a single bite at his party.

At two years old, he's both exhausting and fascinating. I love watching him learn.
  • Obsessed with pointing out his favorite letters and numbers on everything. In books, on my K-cups (saw the #2 this morning and insisted on carrying it around), on sweatshirts, etc. He has a particular favor toward the letters B, L, S and O. He loves the number 2 the best, but he can also point out 3, 6 and 8 (if he wants to).
  • When anyone walks in the door (or randomly at home), he says "chase", looks over his shoulder to see that you're following and moves his shoulders and legs rapidly and runs away. He looooves to be chased. 
  • Daniel Tiger is known as "DT" and is an obsession. He calls it DT because that was the code name we called it before he learned the code and started using it himself. Then we switched over to "the show" and he now has learned the word "show" as a result. 
  • He loves calling people on the phone and on Skype. But not really to talk. I think he just likes knowing there is a reaction when he does it. If I press this button, something will happen and people will talk to me and say my name and ask me questions! If you do answer, he will say "hello" and various words of things he sees in the room or in his general area-- "snow", "stool", etc. He also loves calling and hanging up promptly. Like this morning when he called a number of people on the west coast who may or may not have still been sleeping. He says "call call" (twice, always) and shows a look of genuine concern that it's the very most important thing you could be doing is "call call" at that moment in time. He doesn't understand why we don't sense his urgency. It's sometimes the first word out of his mouth when he wakes and the last word before he goes to bed.
  • When he wants music on, he says "dance" and shakes his head, shoulders and hips from side to side. He can accurately select the music option or Pandora on our phones and get his "dance" on.
  • He's learned to be resourceful with the stool I bought him for the bathroom sink. He doesn't wash his hands (hates it), but instead pushes that thing all around the downstairs to get things he wants (i.e. lightswitches, the Keurig, knives, pizza on the counter to pull off the pineapple pieces...). He is great at helping in the kitchen, too. We made a strawberry cake and brownies on Valentine's Day, and he often helps with dinner. By help, I mean creates more of a mess... but alas.
  • He loves to be tickled and will tell you when he wants it. He usually tells you "no", but then pulls up his shirt for more tickling. 
  • He has an obscure vocabulary. He says lots of words, but what really gets me is when he speaks a word that most 2-year olds wouldn't have any connection with. He has learned the word garlic. GARLIC. And he can tell you where it is. He also knows the word salt. Because he loves it. Just like his mama.
  • Perhaps a testament of my parenting skills lacking (two kids at home is hard work, yo!), but he is starting to sing the songs to his favorite PBS shows. It's mostly humming along and then picking up a word here and there. When the song for Super Why comes on, he sings "why" when it comes time. It's really cute. He also knows "EIEIO" for Old McDonald.
Helping himself with his stool & making sure sister has a hard hat on. Laying on a playmat can be dangerous business (when you have a toddler brother around anyway!).


Ben and Katie said... [Reply to comment]

Saw his bday date coming up on my calendar and I was like oh man he's gonna be two already?! He's such a lil ham! Love that kid and don't even know him!
Claire bear is so cute! Those Lil chicken legs remind me of mine as a baby, to bad mine filled out and have more of a rhino look! She'll catch up in the wt, you do a good job pumping them full of good foods!

Laura Jane said... [Reply to comment]

I spent approximately 15 seconds trying to figure out what a k-cup is… I have them, my brain is just not firing on all cylinders today. ha.

claire is delicious and I love her little leggies- they are the cutest little thing. Grace had them for about 45 seconds after birth and they were adorable. Jack had them too. Swoon.

I love your bug and bear and big bro, too. <3

and TWO on Sunday? Who does this big boy think he is?!?!

Veronica said... [Reply to comment]

I love these two. Claire bear and love bug. Too cute

And those legs! Theo was a scrawny rat baby until way after a month old. Like, didn't really fatten up until 6-8 weeks with he jaundice and all. At least Claire bead is pretty!!

And 2 years old?!? Is he for real?! Does he KNOW that he's a big boy?! Slow down y'all. These kiddos are growing so fast...

Brie said... [Reply to comment]

Love this post. B is duper cool and smart in our book. If he and ask hot together they could search out garlic and onions (Sal's weird infatuation) together with enthusiasm! Lol.


Best job ever.

Brie said... [Reply to comment]

OMG- sleep much? Sorry for the typos.

My New Normal said... [Reply to comment]

She is adorable. Baby girl clothes really are the cutest! So much fun to shop for.

Natasha said... [Reply to comment]

Sooooo cute both of them! I think she's handled this 5 weeks like a champ! Also B is gonna be 2 on Sunday- grown man :) Can't wait to see the pics. Mase loves IKEA meatballs too and I always keep some in the freezer for quick meals. Yum!

Brooke said... [Reply to comment]

I laughed at your chicken legs comment. She's so sweet. And I think you're right--the doctors are giving you the standard drill, not the personalized information about what's right for YOUR BABY. Trust your mama-gut there--she was a 6 pounder born four weeks early and you guys are not big people. She appears to be thriving and getting exactly what SHE needs, and that is what matters.

I love that Benjamin learned the "code word" for Daniel Tiger. He's a sharp one and he will keep you on your toes!

Mama Bear said... [Reply to comment]

I also had to work very hard to not feel inadequate that my breastfed baby was little. That was just him. And I had a major oversupply of milk! At least by our 15 month appt, the dr. was happy that he was on the weight growth chart and reassured us that he has shown steady growth and he is just going to be a skinny kid, it is in his genes (what we've known all along).
Keep up the good work! Obviously, a special place in my heart for Bear. xoxo

Unexpected Delays said... [Reply to comment]

I cannot believe Claire is already a month old. She is gorgeous!!