Friday, February 7, 2014

Storytime Stories

We live in a small town in the midst of a big suburb area. Our section of this town technically bears the name of the small town, but we are part of the tax-paying school district that is a much, much larger city. When we purchased our house, I was very adamant about being in a larger school district, specifically for amenities. I'm a big public school proponent, being a public school teacher myself. Our kids will have those opportunities and the benefits of a large school district. Unfortunately, our district does not translate to library privileges in the big city as well.

Our tiny town has a small library with its own storytime. While we do attend the other storytimes at other libraries in the area (no card carrying required), we attend our library storytime to get us in the door to check out books, etc. Speaking of other storytimes... I was so proud that I got Benjamin and Claire dressed and ready and to storytime on Monday. We showed up and they had changed the time! It had just ended. #facepalm

Benjamin started attending as a wee one at our small library. No one ever showed up. We were among like 2-3 little ones each time and the storytime leader just sort of gave up and stuck some toys in the center and told us to socialize. So we stopped going.

Then Benjamin got a bit older and they changed the storytime. The leader was young, had a son about Benjamin's age and was really great. And then it started to fill up and Benjamin became less and less interested in the little kid books, toys, and songs. Most of the kids were barely crawling and not walking-- whereas he was. While he was only 18 months or so, we moved him to the 2-3 year old storytime because the younger one was full, they asked me for our spot, and I felt he needed the influence of older kids.

We started attending on Thursdays with this incredible leader. She was young, hip, and shopped at J.Crew. Okay, so that's not a requirement, but I sure liked her style. She really engaged with the kids and got them involved. She's probably the best leader I'd ever seen in a storytime-- and I've been to my fair share. The next session rolled around and I couldn't sign up for her day because we had a conflicting gymnastics class. Back to the boring leader who is not engaging at all. Benjamin doesn't even sit in the little chairs. He sits on my lap in the back and sort of pays attention. What a drag. And to make matters worse, the cool leader left for another job (in probably a much bigger library). Good for her, huge bummer for us.

The last two weeks, we've attended again with the boring leader (even my parents thought she was boring when they visited and took B!) and saw another mom who used to attend the cool storytime with us. She engaged with me the first week and congratulated me on Claire's arrival. She has a daughter close to 3 and a son close to a year. We chatted details about Claire's birth and then said our goodbyes as our littles ran around. Then yesterday, she approached me again and told me that since I had a c-section and don't have family local, that she'd love to help out by helping with Benjamin or cooking us a meal or whatever. That she knows managing two kiddos under 2 isn't easy. I didn't even know the lady's name! Well, now I do, but seriously... how sweet!

Sometimes meeting new friends is like dating. It's so awkward. I asked her name and forgot to exchange phone numbers. So now I will wait until next week and hope she comes back to boring storytime so I can add another local friend to my list. And did I mention her daughter is super cute? She dresses her in the cutest clothes and she's always so expressive in storytime. She answers all the questions and is 100% involved. What a good influence for B.

We're about to head out the door to another storytime at the library we don't have a membership at. If I can get B to put on a jacket and shoes. Because it's -2 outside. This weather is starting to make me angry.


Laura Jane said... [Reply to comment]

Ha! I feel sooo awkward "hitting on" other moms. It's so weird, yet you know they have to be a little lonely, too, ya know?

I ended up with one friend out of my entire maternity leave with Grace. I love her. She was a good egg. There are a couple others I'm friendly with (like Grace's daycare lady and her neighbour) but a couple of lunches is not the same as being able to confide in someone like a true friendship.

My kid is losing her mind and I put her down for a nap early. Thank goodness she passed out after screaming because my energy level is approx -2: coincides perfectly with the temperature ;)

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

Making friends as adults is way harder than it was when we were kids! My friend Mel came up to me the second day we met and said "I know this is going to sound lame but I don't know how else to say it, will you be my friend?" It was possibly the sweetest thing anyone had said to me in ages. I remembered it and have used it. Sometimes kids have it right...just ask.

The weather is draining everyone's patience. I can't even walk Charlie in this bitter cold and I fear he is going to turn into a blimp.

Tiffany said... [Reply to comment]

I hear ya! I was so proud of myself today when we made it to the EARLY storytime and were there and seated when it began! Had several awkward mom conversation with a couple of the other moms with twins. I mostly go just to get them out of the house- even in -2 degree weather!! Enough of this weather already though!

Amelia said... [Reply to comment]

I actually made my first (and only) post baby loss friend at the super awesome no longer meeting story time. It was very very weird, but I'm glad we pursued each other, I'm grateful for the relationship.