Thursday, February 20, 2014

= Five

My mother-in-law was a math teacher. She's taught middle and high school math, but has spent most of her career as a guidance counselor. Though, she's never really lost her love of numbers. Once a (math) teacher, always a (math) teacher.

When my in-laws were visiting and meeting Claire over Valentine's weekend, she announced that our family number is five. I caught on that Andrew's birthday is the 5th immediately... but the others took some explaining.

My birthday is the 10th
My husband's birthday is the 13th

1+0+1+3 = 5

Andrew's birthday is the 5th

= 5

Benjamin's birthday is the 23rd


Claire's birthday is the 14th


Last week, I overheard my husband telling Benjamin that his favorite number is 6. In the 8 years of us being together, I never knew that. Then he asked what my favorite number is... I told him I don't have one.

While I think it's very cool that we have some mathematical connections as a family, I do struggle with five being my favorite number. A family number, okay. I can stand behind that because I love the connection of us all being weaved together in a web. My favorite number would've been four. If the doctors had the same intuition for Andrew as they did for Claire and pulled him out before it was too late.


Sarah said... [Reply to comment]

It is cool that you have the family number connection. I totally understand you on the mixed feelings about five. Eleanor's birthday is the 3rd, and Genevieve's birthday is the 15th. We had scheduled Henry's C-section for the 3rd, partly because of the connection with Eleanor. Instead he was born on — yes — the 15th. So now 15 is both my happiest and saddest number.

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

True true true.

Somehow with your family number being five you are all woven together... but 5 seems one is always missing.

I think my favourite number would be four too.

Veronica said... [Reply to comment]

I see the connection to 5, but also see why it's not all that comforting. If Andrew was a 4th baby, he would be here with you.

I feel the same about Alexander and the 27th. If he was anything before 27, he would be here with me too.

Sending love to you for 5... wish it was 4