Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Active October

We're busy bees over here!

In a nutshell, the last two weeks included the following:
  • California grandparents arrived for a few days.
  • New pumpkin patch exploring.
  • Visited the beautiful Cantigny Park.
  • Grandparents watched the kids so we could have a rare date night at our very favorite restaurant! Complete with cocktails! And no kids sitting on our laps!
  • Benjamin attended preschool a few times.
  • Claire had her first trip to the ER for a quick spike of 104.6 fever which yielded nothing... until a few days later when she developed the Roseola rash. She had a catheter and urine test and it was ruled viral and the rash confirmed it.
  • Claire turned 9 months on that very same high fever day.
  • She also sprouted her fourth tooth. 
  • I got one of the best massages of my life... Mother's Day gift finally used from my parents!
  • We flew to Orlando (and stayed 5 days) with two pretty good flights (round trip).
  • I was a sucker and paid $20 for a ridiculous inflatable alligator that was hardly used. #facepalm
  • 3/4 of us had our first trip to Disney World.
  • Benjamin was perfect and without a single tantrum during the entire 10 hours of Disney fun without a nap. That place is MAGIC!
  • Benjamin's WORLD was made when he met Mickey Mouse and Buzz Lightyear (and Pooh & Tigger).
  • I successfully failed at getting the kids to sleep through the night or nap in the hotel room that was too small for my liking but successfully managed two double stroller naps!
  • We arrived home completely exhausted, with many loads of laundry and a couple cranky kids.

I'll post pictures and commentary from the Disney trip in another blog post, but until then...

Left photo taken October 12. Right photo taken 48 hours later at the ER during her temperature spike. Doesn't even look like the same girl!
Gawbee arrived (same day and time of Claire's fever hike. OF COURSE). Though, it proved rather convenient because she handled Benjamin at home while we both whisked Claire off to the doctor. Thank you, paid deductible because of the NICU cost in January. She took Benjamin to storytime, we had bagels in the local downtown and hit up some fun places and shops.
Dinner date with my hunky husband, some alone time with my beautiful daughter & a FABULOUS massage (and for those who remember my phone debacle, my parents came to my rescue with a phone for my birthday! New cover in use!)
That fever baby was back to normal and was delightful at her 9mo appointment. Clocking in at 18lb4oz, we're just about in size 3 diapers over here. She and Benjamin might be in the same size diaper soon if he doesn't get his butt in gear and potty train! My dad arrived and they took the kids to a local indoor bounce place and out to dinner while we had our date night.
Donuts for breakfast and off to explore beautiful Cantigny Park!
 We heart Cantigny.
We hit up a local pumpkin patch that was just okay... we'll be back to the far place next year. I seriously think experiences are often dependent on weather and the weather that day was drizzly and cool, hence our mediocre experience. We still managed bounce houses, train rides, a hayride, pony ride, animal feedings, cider and cider donuts, holding baby chickens and cute pumpkin pictures... so I'd say it was a success.
 Um, how cute are they? I seriously can't believe they are our kids.
 Benjamin is fearless. I love it.
Pumpkin carving (Benjamin INSISTED he handle the knife for portions!).


Laura Jane said... [Reply to comment]

You guys are ADORABLE.

I also love Claires itsy bitsy teeny weeny pink bow! :)

Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

These pictures are fabulous. The family pic with you parents is so sweet. And Bs outfit at story time?! So great. I love this cute family.

Danielle said... [Reply to comment]

we LOVE Johansens!! we LOVE you guys!! can't wait to get our kids together again soon!! <3

Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

I love this! So happy and joyous. Even with the sick, such a "make a damned memory" sort of month.

Brooke said... [Reply to comment]

I love your kids. Such cute personalities. Claire looks like the happiest little thing.

Brie said... [Reply to comment]

Poor Claire! Just catching up on your blog....is she all better now? As you know, we have so,etching similar going on with Carla--thought hand foot mouth initially but now, no?! Weirdness. Love your pics and it looked like a busy, but good month for the Wilson's!