Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Name Mix-up

There's this one mom who brings her son to storytime each week. He appears to be a bit younger than Benjamin, but not by much. She also totes along her daughter who is 7 months.

During storytime this morning, the kids were working with shapes of different materials and textures and then finding the location in the room to match the same color and material. As the storytime leader passed out the supplies, she came to this woman and her son and said, "Here you go, Benjamin-- err-- I mean, Andrew. I'm sorry. I get these kids mixed up sometimes."

And... that will never happen to me. I will never mix up Andrew for Benjamin or Benjamin for Andrew. Pretty hard to mix up two kids when one is alive and one has been literally reduced to carbon ashes.

You can also probably see why I have no interest in befriending this woman and her same-aged children, despite the potential connection and playdate opportunities. Can you just imagine me walking into her house to see monogrammed stuff and his name hanging up in his bedroom?

Me neither.


Sweet side story: Benjamin randomly sang the entire Happy Birthday song to Andrew yesterday morning while we were getting ready in our bathroom. We have not sung that song or even been telling him much about Andrew's birthday coming. He knew it was coming, but that was completely his idea. Heart explosion. 


Laura Jane said... [Reply to comment]

Benjamin is magic- I love that he's put it together that it's his big brother's birthday. Love that.

And no, this doesn't appear the relationship with this other Andrew's mother is going to be blooming anytime soon. So, move to Canada, okay thanks bye. :)

Sarah said... [Reply to comment]

My strange name story: Last year I was standing outside Eleanor's preschool chatting with some moms I didn't know well. One of them was watching Eleanor play and said, "Remind me of your daughter's name again. Was it Genevieve?"

That knocked the air out of me. How I wish they could get mixed up all the time!