Monday, December 30, 2013

Christkindlmarkt Chicago

The weekend before Christmas, we hopped on a train from our suburb and headed to Downtown Chicago for the Marshall Field's/Macy's windows and Christkindlmarkt. Since we lived in Europe all through the winter, we visited Christmas markets in many different countries. It's such a fun experience and there is always something fun to eat. We went with good friends who also have a boy about Benjamin's age.

I knew the highlight for Benjamin would be the train ride. He loves transportation and recently began liking trains more. He refers to them as "choo-choo" and even does the train horn with his arm. We had been talking it up and when we finally got on the train, he was excited.

Ready for the ride! On the train with his buddy, Aaron.

Windows at Macy's. Surprisingly, Benjamin loved them!
Photo in front of the Walnut Room tree at Macy's where we plan to have lunch when Benjamin is a bit older - Headed to the Christmas market about a block from Macy's

$7 pretzel, almost entirely for the photo (but also so I could eat 75% of it with delicious German mustard)
Fam photo, the dads drinking some Gluhwein and all the delicious food we bought (sausage, soups, pretzels...)
 It was great fun and we hope to make it a tradition. I know a certain little boy who will be more than fine with another choo-choo ride in his future.

*On the pregnancy front: I'll update more once I speak to my OB tomorrow about a new condition I might have that may put me at even more risk... like I needed that. I've been stressed about it for the last week and still have 4 weeks to go until we meet our daughter. Hate to be negative, but I have to be realistic... just hope she comes home with us alive and healthy. Until then, holding my breathe. Post to follow. Still living the "if" and not the "when" train with this. I hate pregnancy.


Jessica said... [Reply to comment]

The train and market looked like a blast! Maxwell loves his choo-choos as well...and a tasty pretzel, yes please!

I wish more than anything pregnancy could be smooth sailing and worry-free for you. Since it isn't, I am sending wishes and hopes for little sister's safe arrival and much worry for nothing. Damn I wish it could be easy! xoxo

Laura Jane said... [Reply to comment]

Was that pretzel freakin' delicious? Because it sure looks that way! YUM.

And mustard- my very favourite condiment. yum.

I have other thoughts, but that pretzel has distracted me.

Hoping for good news tomorrow. Or at least a solution.

mmm. Pretzels.

JoyAndSorrow said... [Reply to comment]

I hated that "if" instead of "when" feeling. Soon you will be on the other side of that. Thinking of you these next few weeks. xo ~Lindsay

Kari at A Grace Full Life said... [Reply to comment]

LOVE that market and we go every year!
Still praying.

Ben and Katie said... [Reply to comment]

You have so many fun things to do around you!! Fun indeed!
Praying for your continued safety and for Claire's! My heart is hopeful!
Ps...sending you a quick email!

LookItsJessica said... [Reply to comment]

I hope everything is OK with you and baby Claire! I've been thinking about you guys and hoping for the best possible outcome. I hate that more scary things are cropping up in the "back 9" of this pregnancy.