Friday, August 6, 2010

Baby Update: Week 21

I've been deliberately more lazy about updating the blog this week because it surely won't top the cool photos from last week! I actually have zero photos to share this week in the pregnancy. In next week's post, I should have a nursery to show off (at least partially finished-- paint + furniture).

How far along?: 21w3d
How big is Baby?: Baby is weighing in at 12.7 ounces and is over 10 inches long! Fruit comparison: banana
Maternity clothes?: Yes, but again, I can still wear the flowing pre-maternity shirts as long as maternity pants or something nice and stretchy is on my bottom half.
Sleep?: Sleeping just fine, but having an interest to sleep on my back-- which isn't allowed. I'm normally a side sleeper. The actual sleeping part is going quite well.
Best moment of the week?: Home improvement. We are finally getting things on the walls and it feels more like home. Baby is making sure we know he's there by moving a lot, too.
Movements?: Lots of baby movement this week. We've felt some solid nudges/kicks and they usually happen in multiples. Ray was able to feel quite a few also.
Food cravings?: No, but we had dinner with our friends Derrick and Liz (and her sister Becky and their nephew Luke) last night and they made incredible marinated kabobs and this awesome thai peanut pasta. We will be recreating that! What's even more fun about eating is the new symptom of heartburn I've been experiencing. I've never had this in my life! I feel like I'm going to breathe fire when it happens. We bought a nice container of Tums. :)
Aversions?: No. But again with the heartburn... I am fearful during each meal that the pain I'll endure will be futile.
What I miss?: Being invincible? I feel that everything I do affects the baby. I'm not crazy, but conscious. For example... since we didn't buy the no/low VOC paint for the baby's room, I can't help paint. I did, however, sand and endlessly pick at the molding that was covered in paint from the previous owners and prep the walls with lots of patching and sanding. I have contributed... but the fun part is the painting!
What I'm looking forward to?: I'm looking forward to going for a jog tonight! I haven't jogged in almost 2 weeks and my body is ready for some sweating (that isn't induced by this awful humidity). I'm also ready for the nursery to be painted and a fun weekend with friends.
Anything else?: Baby is forming taste buds and swallowing lots of amniotic fluid each day. Ick! He's also getting bigger... by the sign of my growing and obvious belly changes! I actually had a man at Ray's work ask me when I was due! He didn't congratulate me first (which makes me think he wasn't told I was pregnant) but instead mentioned that because I was carrying "high" that he can see I'm having a boy. I hate to say it, but I think that's all bologna. :)
This week in history: Obama celebrated his 49th birthday in downtown Chicago and the media made sure to cover that, the BP oil well (former spill) has now been filled by cement, Prop 8 overturned (again) in California-- this one is ongoing and has been for many years now.

What's going on this week (with us)?: I was able to spend some time at Ray's work this week. I went in on Tuesday and had a grand tour of the factory and met all kinds of people. Between Sandy & Ray, I was shown around on two different occasions and had a great lunch with Sandy and another woman, Arlene. We had a great time. I've kept quite busy around the house prepping the nursery and Ray has joined in the home improving at night hanging pictures and fixing other things. My next post will be all of the items we hung in our house!