Monday, October 4, 2010

Baby Update: Week 29

Barely scraping by with this week 29 post... because tomorrow I'll be in week 30! Eek!

How far along?: 29w6d
How big is Baby?: Baby W is somewhere between 2.5-3 pounds at this point. He is compared to a butternut squash. How fall festive!
Maternity clothes?: Yes. Though, I am quickly realizing that winter is coming soon. Today was a high of 61 degrees with a low of 37! Yikes! Considering I have no jacket that will fit me (zipped) after another month or so, I may be one cold pregnant woman.
Sleep?: I'm sleeping well but could really use a break from sleeping entirely on my sides. I'd love a night of back sleep since my back has been feeling a lot of pressure lately.
Best moment of the week?: I had a great time bike riding about 12 miles with Toni and Tiana in Steamboat!
Movements?: Yes, and a lot! I am sure hoping he mellows out when he is out of the womb. Otherwise, we are going to have one squirmy little guy.
Food cravings?: Not so much.
Aversions?: The smell of alcohol? Although not an aversion because I always dislike it... smells in general. I dislike strong fumes from cars, etc. but mostly because I know they are not good for me to inhale.
What I miss?: Sleeping on my back and fitting into my really warm clothes!
What I'm looking forward to?: I can't wait to move all of our stuff back into our bedroom tonight and get insulation in our house. It is 60 degrees right now inside our house. Brr!
Anything else?: Baby W's brain is growing larger, so his head is growing to accommodate that. He is more sensitive to movement and light, as he is now able to see and sense better.
This week in history: Rahm Emanuel steps down as White House Chief of Staff to run for Chicago mayor. All we can think about now is the replacement of a trillion signs that have Mayor Daley's name all over the city. Ah, taxpayer money always put to good use for ego boosts. {end to political rant and nothing against the candidate himself}

What's going on this week (with us)?: We just arrived home from Steamboat early this morning at 2 a.m. and made it to bed within minutes. Our trip was lovely and the weather was perfect. Ray hiked and I rode bikes with the girls. We had amazing dinners and lots of great conversation. Colorado is always so relaxing. This week we're getting our bedroom back in order and cleaning up a bit before moving on to our next project... insulation! We are confident in doing it ourselves (renting a machine) since Ray watched the tutorials online and it seems quite simple. That will be exciting because insulation means a warm house! Since it just crossed over into October, it's a bit scary and more real that we are having a baby in 2 months! Oh my gosh!!! Our friend Erin is due any day now and that is something exciting to look forward to as well. Other than that, we're just being good worker bees and enjoying the time we are spending with our friends here in Chicagoland.


Solange, Nik and Caitlin said... [Reply to comment]

You are INSANE to be bike riding right now!!!! I miss you and I want to see a big belly picture please :)