Friday, October 8, 2010

Baby Update: Week 30

How far along?: 30w3d

How big is Baby?: I read somewhere that Baby W is about 15-17 inches long and about 3 pounds. Within normal limits, Baby W is on the small side. He is about 2 cm under, but my doctor said there is no concern as long as he is not +4 or -4. He has grown since the last appointment, she said, so that is all she was interested in. So far, so good. We may have ourselves a runt. ;)

Maternity clothes?: Yes, and wearing them often. But, today I’m sporting a pair of Reebok workout pants that fit just fine and a stretchy long sleeved t-shirt. Weather is hit or miss lately ranging from the high 30’s at night to the mid 70’s during the day. It can be all of these things within a few hours in Chicago, though.

Sleep?: Yes, but not feeling well rested this week. For some reason, I sleep the proper amount but wake up feeling groggy.

Best moment of the week?: I went on a workout walk with a friend, Jess, and we had a great time. It was nice having someone to work out with and share in the gorgeous “changing of the leaves” we’re having here.

Movements?: Yes, and plenty of them. Sometimes they’re spastic though and it’s a bit odd. But overall, I see random body parts protrude out often. Nothing definitive, but usually they are visible from the outside or hard to the touch.

Food cravings?: Not so much. Though, I had a chocolate with peanut butter swirl ice cream at Baskin Robbins yesterday and I must say it was probably the most tasty ice cream I’ve had in ages.

Aversions?: Not a concern… but not enjoying the inhalation of cigarette smoke from fellow Midwesterners—though that’s always bothered me.

What I miss?: I miss sleeping on my BACK.

What I'm looking forward to?: I’m looking forward to finishing our next pre-baby project: insulation. It’s happening this weekend… Sunday morning most likely and we’re excited. I’m going to the Salvation Army today to pick up the rattiest, cheapest looking clothes that will cover us head-to-toe so we can throw them away promptly when finished (since fiberglass is no fun!).

Anything else?: I have read that you can recognize body parts like feet if they stick them out toward your belly! Amniotic fluid is decreasing and baby is (obviously) taking up more uterus space. His brain is rapidly developing (go Baby W!), eyes are functioning, nails are completely developed, and he is shedding that gross downy hair that once covered his body.

This week in history: Leaves are changing! A Chinese dissident, Liu, wins the Nobel Peace Prize, job market suffering since September, candidates are prepping for November elections, including Chicago for Mayor. Dow drops 11,000 points for the first time since May. Yikes!

What's going on this week (with us)?: I’ve already mentioned it, but we’re insulating our house this week. I didn’t sub much this week (only a half-day on Monday). Monday is a school holiday and I have plans to visit the dentist and have lunch with Sandy at LJ. I received my flu shot (you can see the bandage on my arm—classy pink Army bandage—from my 7.5 month belly shot), visited the doctor (since I am going every two weeks now), and we’ve been having a great time getting our house in order. We hung photos in our bedroom and switched out plates, switches, etc. It’s so much more comfortable now. We have spent some time with friends and tonight Ray is going to play volleyball with friends as they started an indoor league for the winter (Friday night sports used to be ultimate frisbee and now they’ve winterized and started something indoors). Doing well, enjoying the fall weather, and stocking up on Halloween candy for the little critters! Alison, Nic, Gab, and Scotty are coming into town on Monday... can't wait!!!

Comparison shots (I made a video but blogger takes SO long that I gave up...)

and Month 7.5 is above.


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There's no shame in a runt...;)