Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baby Update: Week 32

How far along?: 32w2d
How big is Baby?: Around 3.75 pounds! They say the size of a jicama... as if I've ever seen one of those (outside of a salad all sliced up).
Maternity clothes?: Yes, and desperately wishing that I could fit into my normal clothes as winter approaches. I will buy a maternity jacket. I can still zip my North Face jacket, but that will all soon change. I am limited to about 10 shirts and 4 sweaters. That's no fun!
Sleep?: Not as wonderful lately. I do wake up quite a few times and I've been having nightmares-- not intense ones, just nothing positive and nothing baby-related. Like last night for example...I had a dream that I was in possession of marijuana-laced trail mix! I've never touched the stuff in my life, have no recollection of recently seeing anything marijuana-related, and haven't watched any TV shows in awhile. How on earth could I have dreamt of something so bizarre?
Best moment of the week?: Hmm... working? Although I am not loving my currently 7-day assignment as a one-on-one aide at the elementary level (1st grade, no less), I am enjoying the steady call to duty. I like being productive, busy, and making a difference.
Movements?: Yes, but they're getting more difficult. He does less poking and more positioning.
Food cravings?: I want everything! I am actually trying to control myself more as I could literally eat an entire box of cookies.
Aversions?: Not much.
What I miss?: Having more clothing options?
What I'm looking forward to?: I am looking forward to spending another weekend with my husband and friends! We are having a fall outing with our 20's/30's group this weekend along with heading downtown to watch my cousin's soccer game and visit with my aunt. I love weekends now that we've slowed down on all the housework!
Anything else?: Baby W is just growing away, gaining about .5 pounds every week-- that means I am gaining the other .5 pound. Argh. I haven't reached the scale change yet (where they move the bottom bar from the 100 to 150), but I'm getting close. It would be nice to avoid that and just barely make it under that 150 mark. But again, I'm not a calorie counter and this baby will get all he needs... and still a brownie, cookie, ice cream bowl... everyday. :)
This week in history: Gosh... not much? I just read about 3 hikers missing on Mt. Whitney. We hiked that about 3 years ago and it says they've been missing for 3 days. It's a very open path, but there are fall risks. Not good news...

What's going on this week (with us)?: We are having a fine week. Ray spent some time up in Michigan at the beginning of the week as there was a visitor from Switzerland (the same one we visited when we were in Germany just before returning to the States). We had small group this week, we're both full time (this week), and the weather is definitely getting cooler. Today was a high of 58 I believe... brrrr!

Comparison photo shots:

and here is Month 8!


Solange, Nik and Caitlin said... [Reply to comment]

You look soooooo cute! Sorry to hear you're not having a great time on your 7 day assignment, but I agree the steady work is good! I am glad you are enjoying your weekends now and getting to have more down time. Have a fun pre Halloween weekend!!!