Friday, October 8, 2010

Master Bedroom & Office Reveal

Technically, we aren't ready for a reveal. That will really come when we buy big kid furniture. Until then, our mismatched furniture and bed frame will have to suffice. Honestly, we haven't found anything worthwhile and affordable (not made out of particle board for over $2500). Also, we need window treatments. Until then... we are just happy that we aren't staring at flowers on the walls anymore!

Before photo... taken before we bought the house = not our furniture (though I'd love a chair in that corner along with lamps and nightstands), but the walls looked this way until September 6, 2010... then doomsday hit. The wallpaper was stripped and we've been thrilled and crazy-busy working our behinds off ever since.
Photo taken yesterday. Oh, the glorious walls are bare. Ray likes to say that we are stripping all of the character out of this house. Or, I like to think of it as us making it classier. More modern. More everything-other-than-dated.
Different view and canvases hung. Sure, they're huge... and so is this room. Plus, it's our master bedroom. It's the only place we can be obnoxious with wedding photos. :)
Here's another before photo, but terribly blurry. I took this during our home inspection and didn't get close enough to the terrible southwestern walls we were rocking in the office. As you can see, it's attached to our bedroom and is only divided by a doorway. We love this feature and love the space, but thought the cloth wallpaper was circa 1985-1990. Waaaay cool back then, but soooo dated now.
Here's the modern reveal. We thought that since the rooms are connected, they should also maintain one color. Maybe we could've been daring, but why? We just wanted a neutral palate after having stared at flowers in New Mexico (which don't mix, you know?) for 6 months. God only knows how long the prior owners stared at such a sight... or if they were the ones who chose to clash such patterns? Eek. My diplomas on the left...
...and Ray's diplomas on the right. We liked the back wall empty, or at least for now. Love clean space. Embrace clean space.
We're almost ready to close the door on this project and move onto insulation. Though a pain to setup and purchase the 30+ packages of fiberglass, rent the truck, rent the machine, etc., it will all be complete on Sunday! Now that's the kind of home improvement that we love!

In case you're wondering (like all of our local Chi-town friends) why we're working our behinds off and at such a rapid pace, I'll explain. We have a little nugget on the way. In two months, our lives will change completely as we know it and we'll want to spend every moment with him. He will become our priority, not our house. But... having said that, some things needed to be done. So maybe the wallpaper project wasn't in dire need. But, would you blame us? We could just see it now. Baby W is in 5th grade and we're stripping wallpaper in between his soccer practice and piano lessons. Doesn't sound like a good time to me either. Plus, while we're still somewhat motivated about upgrading our house, we may as well. The roof, deck, and insulation were all required and non-negotiable.We didn't go and spend our savings on a home to let it sit while loathing the look of the flowery wallpaper and watching our leaky roof ruin our investment. Not the Wilsons. We're hardworking and a bit on the perfectionist side...but at least we'll be at every single soccer game and still have an oasis at home to relax afterward.

But ask me if I ever want to own another home again. I'll give you an earful. Haha.


alli (and tommy too!) said... [Reply to comment]

Great job Brandy and Elliot! Looks fantastic.

ktruelove said... [Reply to comment]

Removing wallpaper is a HUGE job! Those are some beautiful white walls- I love to have a white palate- then you can change things up without much trouble:)