Friday, October 29, 2010

Baby Update: Week 33

How far along?: 33w3d
How big is Baby?: Can you believe I have a 4-pounder in my belly? It gives new meaning to a "quarter pounder" burger. This kid's way bigger than that! He's also about 17 inches long.
Maternity clothes?: Yes. Yes. Yes.
Sleep?: Ugh. I've had some rough nights recently-- Ray and I both. He is waking up with bouts of anxiety (You mean this kid is going to be ours? Forever? Like, soon?) and I am just waking up. A lot. I can't seem to get comfortable no matter what I do. I sleep a lot but none of it feels restful. {Shrug} Preparations for not sleeping much in the coming weeks? Perhaps.
Best moment of the week?: Ding-dong ditching a fun romantic basket on our friends' doorstep, receiving flowers from my wonderful husband, and going for a walk/coffee with my friend Jessie.
Movements?: Yes. He likes to remind me that he's hanging out in there.
Food cravings?: No, but I did cheat and have a bit of ramen. Of course my protective husband walks in as I am cooking it and encourages me to eat half. Fine. Compromise can be brutal. I discovered Snickers ice cream bars yesterday though. Yikes.
Aversions?: No... not in the least!
What I miss?: I miss restful sleep (what a joke... that's about to leave me forever) and some of my LA friends and family.
What I'm looking forward to?: I am looking forward to this Saturday ending. I know this is pathetic, but I am actually dreading the "marathon" baby class we're taking this weekend. I signed us up for a class this weekend (9-5:30!) and one next weekend (9-4). Not looking forward to the forced relationship-building, but feel as though we are obligated to take these classes as new parents. So, here we go. Weeeeee.
Anything else?: I get emails every week from various spammers but open the ones related to baby development on the weekly scale. This week, I had an entertaining one... Baby W is about the size of a pineapple and looking "less alien-like" and more "human" -- phew. Hah. The funny thing is that I just bought a pineapple this week. It's kind of hard picturing that thing in my belly, but I'll have no problem consuming it. Mmmmm.
This week in history: Some planes have been suspected of having "suspicious materials" on board. Winds in the Midwest have been gnarly and knocked down pretty large pieces of trees. Wind speeds were around 65 mph for a few days... and now it's just plain cold. Thank goodness we at least have the bright, beautiful sun.

What's going on this week (with us)?: Ray just arrived back home from a business trip in Charlotte and I have been spending a lot of time with friends (as the pictures show). He has volleyball this evening and we have that lovely baby class tomorrow in Plainfield (aka farmfields). The lovely ladies from my small group are throwing me a shower on Sunday and that should be fun. They're so creative. :) Baby W, you are one loved kiddo.