Sunday, October 17, 2010

Baby Update: Week 31

No photos for this post... but I'll post a few more entries with photos.

Are there really only FIFTY NINE days left until Baby W makes his appearance into the world... forever? I mean, we'll forever be parents to this guy! But being realistic, he's probably about 60+ days until delivery since he's been a classified runt. :) You never know, though!

Here are the updates for the week. On Tuesday I'll officially be 8 months (WOAH) and have a picture of the belly to post. Until then, here are the highlights from week 31:

How far along?: 31w5d
How big is Baby?: Baby is about 3.25-3.5 pounds and measuring around 16 inches long
Maternity clothes?: Yes. Oh for sure. If nothing more than for my ever-growing hips that seem to be expanding by the day.
Sleep?: Doing okay. Restroom breaks frequent and a very tired day (despite having a lot of sleep) usually follow.
Best moment of the week?: Seeing my best friend, her husband, and her two little ones as they came to stay with us! It was so nice having them here and just being able to hang out.
Movements?: Yes. He moves his behind from the left to the right side of my belly frequently. I believe he is now "head down", so that has to be his little bottom!
Food cravings?: Not really...
Aversions?: Not really...
What I miss?: Hugging my husband without a big basketball belly, having a bladder that isn't "tested" by Baby W on a regular basis, and being able to walk up the stairs without feeling winded. I'll get back there soon enough, I know.
What I'm looking forward to?: I'm looking forward to a full week of work. I am subbing the entire week for a girl who is visiting China. While her job is less interesting, I'm happy to be busy and earning a little extra cash for some Christmas splurges we have planned (yes... to those who would like to see us upgrade that 19 inch tube, we plan to!)
Anything else?: Baby W is getting fatter, hearing lots of noises from inside the belly, and moving with lots of strength. The movements will start to slow down, however, as he continues to fill the space to its capacity--though I felt his limit was met, he still continues to find more space for his body!
This week in history: The miners were rescued! That was great news.

What's going on this week (with us)?: We just said goodbye to Alison, Nic, Gabrielle, and Scotty who were here visiting (Nic had business downtown). It was wonderful being able to spend time with them. We are done with our big projects and enjoying the obvious insulation temperature regulations in our house. It has been getting down into the 40's at night and we haven't used the heat... yet! Our church launched a new site this weekend and since it is 1 mile from our house, we walked there today! It's very coffee-house feeling and warm. We are getting rid of some leaves by raking them to the end of our yard. The city has a pickup service that will be coming to suck them up by truck every Monday for a month. Our trees in the front of our property have lost nearly all of their leaves but the back are still continuing to shed them. Gabby had great fun playing with the leaves when she was visiting. Overall, it was a great week and so nice to finally experience a relaxing weekend without an intense project. Week 32, here we come! Eeeeek!