Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekday Adventures

I have been subbing a lot lately... but on the times I'm not keeping busy at various schools in the 'burbs, I'm usually having a good time with girlfriends, and my awesome husband of course.

Our small group had an idea to take over a fun package to our friends, Alli & Tommy, since they've been struggling to find time together lately. The majority of us are marrieds in the group and understand what it's like to be disconnected or without our significant other... so the basket came about. We started at Kristi's house, moved on to Jessie's house for the passoff... then it was my turn! At the time I received the basket, there was fruit, wine, a candle, and cookies in the basket. When I received it, I promptly made a trip to Trader Joe's (of which I love, so not tough to visit...) where I purchased my favorite French truffles, chianti-infused salami that looked quite fancy... and off I went. I also included my favorite crackers-- Triscuit Rosemary & Olive Oil. Try them if you haven't. I should really be endorsed by these people. I have turned so many people onto them. Delicious. I added in some fun Burt Bee's and Body Shop items and met Liz in downtown Naperville for her additions and the dropoff. We ding-dong-ditched the basket and had a blast doing it!
Ray was away on business this week and I found these on the doorstep one of the days... it's such a blessing to have him. I'm thankful everyday.
Yesterday my friend Jessie and I walked from my house to the Grounds of Hope Cafe located at our new church site. They've turned the entire front of the building into a coffee shop with an awesome selection and super affordable items. To the left when you walk in there's a huge kid's jungle gym and an enormous fake tree and to the right is this huge coffee shop complete with a fireplace and flat screen TVs. It doesn't look churchy and it's not really meant to be. The proceeds from Grounds go to World Relief and patrons actually can choose which relief effort the money gets donated to! For my tea and amazingly delicious chocolate muffin, I paid $2.47. Not bad. Considering it's only a mile from my house, I may be frequenting the Grounds a lot-- especially when Baby W is a bit older and needs to let some energy out at an indoor jungle gym (great for winter-- which has apparently already started here in Chi-town with 28 degree weather! Brr!!).


d.a.r. said... [Reply to comment]

You are such a giving and caring friend! I bet they really appreciated you guys thinking of them.

Pretty flowers :)