Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hey Sister, Go Sister, Soul Sister, Go Sister...

My husband always asks me when he knows I've blogged if it was a happy post. He doesn't like to see me hurting but he knows all too well by now that it just hits you. This, my friends, is a happy post.

First of all, why did I think it would be okay to purchase this for breakfast? They're disgusting. I poured my entire bowl (sans milk because I hate milk) back into the box after eating about 3 puffs. Ick. But you know who loves them? My husband. Gimme all the french fries. I'll pass these on to him.
My beautiful SIL was in town over the weekend. She comes from Baltimore where she's a high school Spanish teacher. She's also getting her MA at Johns Hopkins. She's a pretty smart cookie. Before hitting the books again, she came out for a little brother-sister-SIL fun. Our first bit of fun was the White Sox game. Everyone, including us, questioned why she wanted to see the Sox instead of the Cubs. It turns out she wanted to see the better team... in which case that's definitely the Sox. People like the Cubs a bit more because the stadium is nostalgic, the city around is very urban and classy (whereas the Sox stadium is just urban minus the classy part), they don't have a Jumbo Tron, and it just seems more Americana. But let's be honest... the team is terrible.

We arrived after the first inning was over and the Sox had already scored 5 runs, one being a homerun. And that's where the scoring ended as the Twins proceeded to kick their butts the rest of the night.
Samantha brought us each a Sox t-shirt, but mine is currently in transit from VS. She's super thoughtful.
Some highlights of the game include:
1. Sitting next to a woman whose name was Antoinette who referred to herself multiple times by Antonette. She took all the French out of her name. We talked the majority of the game. Turns out it was her birthday. And to prove it, she whipped out her license to show me. Yep, 7-8-66. She also lives in Oak Park. I seriously don't know what possesses someone to whip out your driver's license to show a complete stranger, but apparently I don't look too threatening.
2. Someone in the rows in front of us expelled not one, but two massively disgusting burps post-hot dog consumption. People, this is no joke. I seriously thought there was a hot dog stand around me or that someone was eating a fresh hot dog. The whiffs were beyond paralyzing. I could practically taste the sauerkraut, grilled onions, and relish. We all joked that we probably inhaled at least a few calories from their burp alone. Want to vomit? It might be worse than smelling feces. I'm not kidding. And being a vegetarian made that all the more pleasant. Speaking of hot dog, I was watching David Letterman last night and they were featuring new toys/gadgets. One of the new gadgets was a hot dog slicer that turns hot dogs into little people. What. in. the. heck?
3. As we were merging onto the highway after the game, we had front row seats to witnessing a woman projectile vomit from the back seat of a car. If we had been 2 seconds closer, my car might have been sprayed with juices. I'm not kidding. It's been awhile since I've seen drunk vomit. Perhaps because I am always in bed between 10-11 each night and hardly remember what the inside of a bar looks like. Let's not forget that I was pregnant from March 2010-December and now I just loathe the freedom. But that girl... she hasn't graduated to the next stage in life yet. She still vomits on highways.

Then next day, after a stop at Steak n' Shake (per SIL request), we headed to that same waterpark I took my friend Alison a couple weeks ago. What isn't better than paying $8 to go down waterslides and lounge in a lazy river all day? My husband's burn tells me that 5 hours was too long to go without re-applying sunscreen, but otherwise it was a great day. The day ended with Chicago deep dish and 3 happily stuffed people.
There are some elements that require navigating through this particular lazy river. It's not the most relaxing because of it, but adds some excitement!
Sister and brother doing the Wilson wave.
Happy sister wearing her new Spain bathing suit. My in-laws went on a Mediterranean cruise the last two weeks and Samantha joined them in Barcelona for a few days before they departed on their trip. She lived in Madrid for a semester and is fluent in Spanish, so it was a fun experience for her. It was fun to see some of the pictures she took from places we'd visited while living in Europe.
We tried a new Mexican restaurant that I LOVED (shocker) and had ice cream from a local place after. Sam had the key lime pie and we shared the chocolate-peanut butter swirl. Delicious, but no better than Baskin Robbins... and a lot more expensive.
We also...
  • Went to church
  • Explored Ikea for something I want but couldn't find there
  • Walked Downtown Naperville
  • Barbecued steak and veggie kabobs & ate with potato salad, wild rice, and corn on the cob
  • Ate at one of my favorite Mediterranean restaurants
  • Experienced a Derecho storm and the worst power outage Chicago has ever seen! In our area alone, we saw at least 50 trees either completed pulled from the ground or split. Some people are still without power, but we didn't lose it, thankfully. We live in the red regions, of course.
It was a nice time. We managed to do a lot but felt very relaxed the whole time. And now it's almost the next weekend! Not sure about our plans, but I'm sure it will involve being indoors because Chicago is about to have a massive heat wave.


d.a.r. said... [Reply to comment]

Aww I LOVE that cereal, haha!

Just the 3 of Us said... [Reply to comment]

It sounds like a fabulous visit :) Yummy food, the water park, and Ikea... makes me want to come for a visit.

Addi's mom said... [Reply to comment]

Glad you are getting some quality SIL time!

I don't know which is worse...a massive heat wave or this crappy cold front we are getting in WA it's supposed to be summer, but it's only 55 degrees so far and I used my wind shield wipers all the way to work this morning...WTH?

AshleaD said... [Reply to comment]

Oh Gosh Brandy - Reeses cereal is like my absolute favorite guilty pleasure cereal! :) Glad you had a great weekend! :)

Brooke said... [Reply to comment]

One time I vomited out the side of our car and it looked like a drunk vomit but actually I was pregnant and had gorged myself on Dewey's Green Lantern pizza (artichokes, spinach, and loads of garlic) and my friend spilled her beer on me and on the way home I suddenly realized I was going to hurl everywhere and I smelled like beer and I puked up garlic. It was so gross and David pulled off the highway just in time, but we were still on the exit ramp and my puke sprayed back all over the side of the car. I still haven't been back to Dewey's...

Michelle said... [Reply to comment]

Are you crazy?! ;) Reese's Puffs are amazing!!!!!!!