Thursday, July 7, 2011

Secretly, I'm a Salad + Eavesdropping Tales

Anyone know what I'm talking about from that title? There's a restaurant, Noodles and Company here in Illinois (and many other states) that was offering a promotion today. Be one of the first 50 in line at ANY Noodles and Co. restaurant and receive a t-shirt good for 10 free salads (meant to share).

What's an unemployed teacher to do during the summer other than stand in long lines to get free things, right? I thought of my friend Jen in California and how she would've done this with me if 1. I were still living in CA 2. There were a Noodles and Co. in the South Bay, and 3. She weren't in Hawaii right now. She's a teacher with summers off and we would often attend fun, freebie events together. Alas, I went alone today.

So logically, I made sure to be there at 9:00 a.m. for their 10:30 a.m. store opening. Only, I was the only one. I parked right in front and sat for awhile in my car. The next person showed up and immediately staked out the first spot in line. I resigned to sit in my car for awhile since the first FIFTY would receive said promotion and I was wearing a skirt. Probably should've thought that one through if I planned to sit in front of a restaurant for 1.5 hours. Surprisingly, I did logically choose a location I thought would be less busy and no where near a college. Because those college kids can smell free food a mile away and are willing to camp out for it.

One lady, two more, one more and many more cars pulling up around 9:45. At about 9:50, I made it out of the car and into the line. Number five. I stood there pretending to read a book eavesdropping on the conversation going on in front of me. The first woman in line was someone who intrigued me. She was downright hilarious and had just a wealth of information to share about herself. I know where she lives, how many kids she has, the excuse she told her boss so she could sit in line at a Noodles and Co. for free salad, where her kids go to school, what they are learning today, etc., etc. She was a good sharer.

Not that I minded. I needed the entertainment (hello, pathetic loner who camps out for free lettuce) and I wanted to know more. Because, you see, she has triplet boys. Three boys all of the identical age of four. I stood there dreaming of what it would be like to have multiples (okay, so I should probably stop this whole daydreaming business considering my track record) and how it happened. You know, how it happened. No one has to tell me the process. I get that. But... there were questions. Like, why she wasn't wearing a wedding ring and why she didn't talk about a husband or partner or sperm donor the entire time she was talking. It sounded like, from the context, that these were her three babies and she wasn't sharing them. I almost wanted to chime in (mind you, I'm reading) and ask if she'd had an IUI or IVF because spontaneous triplets are just so rare. I'm a firm believer in both methods to achieve motherhood, but I just wanted to know more. Because I'm clearly obsessed with all things baby, conception, ttc and beyond. Baby fever? Sure. But I'm sure we can all agree that it's a little bit beyond just a fever at this point.

The daydreaming ended when I found myself at the cash register receiving my freebie shirt and the first of 10 free salads. I highly recommend the Very Berry Spinach Salad in case you're interested.


LauraJane said... [Reply to comment]

I demand a photo of you in the freebie t-shirt. Yeh, I said DEMAND!

I always want to more when people have multiples. I would really just like them to tell me their secrets so I can try 'em, you know? :)

Brooke said... [Reply to comment]

i know that shirt is seksai

Team Clancy said... [Reply to comment]

I would have been all over this. I had no idea they were giving these away!!!!!

Solange, Nik and Caitlin said... [Reply to comment]

I still want to see your short hair! Like LauraJane above I want to see a picture of you in the free shirt too. :)
I would totally be eavesdropping-it sounds like it was hard not to with this lady. Triplet boys....damn. My favorite is to eavesdrop Spanish conversations since they just assume that I don't speak the language based on my general paleness. :P

Amelia said... [Reply to comment]

My best friend can strike up a conversation with a complete stranger and know their life story by the end of it. Not only can she talk, but she can listen. I have envied her this skill numerous times.
I'd want to know all the details. I DO want to know all the details, probably that's why I read everyone's blog. :))

SilverPhoenyx said... [Reply to comment]

If you have an empty space on the tee shirt, may I have it please?

Thank you

- phoenyx in indiana