Monday, November 19, 2012

I have 5 Minutes

Well, probably 20. Hopefully an hour. We'll see how long he sleeps. Random updates coming at you and maybe a few Instagram pictures because I totally failed to get that up and moving on Friday. I guess I don't like the routine as much as I thought. Maybe those will be sporadic from now on with just pictures I feel like re-posting.
  • As I type this, a sweet little nugget is crib sleeping with the air filter (our white noise) on medium because our floors are being sanded and ground down to apply our first coat of epoxy. By Wednesday, we will have gone from concrete (carpet before our reno) to this:
  • I'm working on a new naptime schedule. I used to nurse B right before naptime and then lay him down all groggy. But, I'd really like him to sleep without the expectation to nurse first. Instead, I now nurse him between naptimes and before bath instead of after. Eventually he'll need to be weaned, but more importantly, I want other people to be able to put him down to sleep without the milk requirement. Still no bottle, and don't even leave pumped milk for others at this point. My pump was shelved long ago as I hate the thing.
  • He has been winking at us lately. It's adorable.
  • We left B with friends for a few hours this Saturday to check out the Chicago Food & Wine Festival. I got freebie tickets from being a Yelp Elite! It was so nice to be on a date with just the two of us, even though it turns out we could've brought the monster. Here's a photo my friend sent me of B eating at his friend's house. Said friend's head is taking up 2/3 of this photo. Love it, Liz. :)
  • Yes, he's a monster. He growls and everything. I'm re-thinking next year's Halloween costume from a dinosaur to a monster. One or the other. He will rock it, especially if he still growls like he has been lately when he's excited. I even had a friend ask if he was okay. Hah. 
  • The army-crawler decided it was PARTY TIME (excellent) at 5 a.m. yesterday, so we all went downstairs and he played well after sunrise and then conked out again. But only for 45 minutes.
  • Speaking of party time, his birthday is already being sort of planned. I have a few ideas (no themes, as I don't usually go for that method). He's being baptized at our house on his actual birthday. There's a lot of symbolism to that and I'll explain in more detail later. The grandparents have already booked their tickets!
  • We're headed to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving and get to meet my sister-in-law's boyfriend! She's also meeting Benjamin for the first time. And, important food will be eaten at Primanti Brothers sometime on Friday. Yes, I would please like you to put french fries on my triple-grilled cheese sandwich. Obviously.
  • Before Pittsburgh, we're staying in Cleveland, as it's about a 6.5 hour drive from Chi-town. New city for us! Anyone have recommendations for dinner?
  • We booked another flight. Obviously. Because we can't sit still. And we're probably going to be booking a few more in the next month or so because we have tentative plans to get out of Dodge. Chicago in the winter? Brutal.
  • I was chosen as a mom-blogger (omg) to go to an event downtown next month. I'll blog twice about it with more details. I'm pretty excited and maybe I'll meet some friends? It happens to take place on the identical day of the remembrance ceremony we attended for Andrew last year and planned to attend all years to come. I'm a bit sad, but we can still go hang his ornament on the tree another day. I might try to find another ceremony we can attend.
  • Speaking of ornament... here it is. I also used this photo to represent Andrew on our Christmas card this year. First Christmas card ever, I think? Not the most uplifting card, but whatareyougonnado? It's reality. We wish he were here terrorizing our house like only 2-year old boys do. 
  • "Visit funeral home" is officially on the whiteboard in our laundry room. Not exactly what you'd expect to see next to the grocery list, but we really need to make things right. I hope I can erase that soon. It's just mustering up the emotional energy to do it that will make the 2-mile drive a tough one.
  • My culinary creativity has been sparse lately. Mostly because we've been working on basement stuff (by we, I mean mostly Ray, but that means I spent many days on 100% Benjamin duty.) That leaves little room, or energy to whip up fancy foods. I did manage to make this avocado bean dip. It was... okay. Turns out I prefer my beans and avocado separate. They can be in the same burrito or dip, but preferably not blended. Ingredients were minimal (white beans, avo, EVOO, cayenne, lime, salt). I used it as a high-protein spread for inside quesadillas last night. If eating like that, it was awesome. If as a dip, I'll stick to separate dips. I did use my Blendtec, and the texture was right on.
  • I need to do a deep clean soon. One reason is because the basement floor guys just made a huge mess of dust in our house (I've barricaded us upstairs for the day), and two because Benjamin is managing to find all the other dust and dust bunnies and specs of dirt and everything I have failed to clean since he was born. Exhibit A:
  • Champion eater is still on his game. We're thrilled. My friend Molly has scared me with her Instagram pictures of her daughter not wanting to eat a single vegetable on the planet. I fear toddlerhood. But also crave what I'm missing.
tomatoes, avocado, hummus, lentils.
clean plate club member
  • I feed B an entire scrambled egg (with ketchup, gag) every morning. I know it's on the list of things you shouldn't feed your kid, but we let him try a bite a week ago and he dug it. Off to Trader Joe's I went to buy up a dozen and the kid has been taking them down. It appears no food allergy in sight. I was not too worried as he hasn't had a single poor reaction to anything thus far, or my breastmilk.
  • We bought a bed and mattress for the basement. We also bought this art print to go on the wall covering the breaker box that used to have a random wood door covering it. When we realized the door would no longer fit the breaker because the drywall opening was cut too large, we decided to go for a piece of art to cover the space. $70 later to and $12.50 for a HUGE frame steal at Michael's and we'll have that bad boy covered in no time. Made me think of my design-savvy friend, Alli, who would've totally done something similar to cover up a gaping (but necessary) hole. I'm channeling the inner designer in me, my friend.
  • We love Many Glacier at Glacier National Park. It is our dream to go back and stay at that lodge. Favorite national park, hands down. And from a family of travelers who have seen a whole lotta them, we sort of have good credential on the matter.
  • We Skyped with my parents last night on the iPad and I walked around our entire kitchen island with B crawling to grab the iPad screen. Army crawling still, but he definitely gets around when motivated!
  • We are going to be on the fast track to babyproofing very soon. Any recommendations on easy-to-use gates? I want one I can go in and out of via door (not stepping over) and pressure mounted. Any other recommendations on proofing items to buy or avoid?
  • More pictures to end the post, because I hear the wee one stirring in his baby cage. Off to rescue him for more chewing on every cord he can find exploration!
Hi Mom. Totally proud of my skills.
I spy a little guy...
Hey Ma, pretend like you don't see this, mmmkay?
Baby, turned little boy.
Checking out the flooring guy's truck.


LauraJane said... [Reply to comment]

"Is he okay?" made me lol. Too funny.

I love that toothy little smile in the "totally proud of my skills" picture. too cute. Such a handsome little man you have there.

A year old nearly... Crazytown. :)

Am I getting an xmas card? Because I want one if you have extras! :)

Kate said... [Reply to comment]

I live in Cincinnati! Hope you enjoy your trip here :)

A yummy Cincinnati place is Montgomery Inn, but it's a lot of meat (they're known for their ribs). I'm sure they have yummy non-meat things, too.

Other "musts" for visitors--Graeter's Ice Cream and Skyline Chili.

If you're staying downtown, check out "The Banks" (right by the river). The Christian Moerlein Lagerhouse is there and has lots of tasty food and beer. There are also other places to eat there (The Banks is our new place to be downtown).

You should also visit Fountain Square, which is downtown, too. You'll find a Graeter's Ice Cream there, but check the hours because I think they sometimes close early.

You can always drive across the river to Northern Kentucky to visit the Haufbrauhaus, too, to compare it to your Germany experiences!

Hope these help. Let me know if you'd like any other suggestions, depending on where you'll be staying!

Have fun!

Ps: Knowing you're like us and trains have a special place in your heart for your son Andrew, if you're here for more than just the night, take B to the Cincinnati Museum to see the Duke Energy Train display. It's a big annual Christmas thing. My husband always went as a kid and we miss out on taking our angel, Drew, each year.

Solange, Nik, Caitlin and Oliver said... [Reply to comment]

I'm in awe at how much he eats! Super jealous. Love B's toothy smile :) Such a cute little monster.

Caroline said... [Reply to comment]

I want a Christmad card too. K, thanks.

Also - when the heck did that boy turn into a grown ass man?!

Nick & Jenny said... [Reply to comment]

kidco universal outlet covers: no need to break nails prying a cover open just to vacuum because they're spring loaded and slide over. They are expensive comparatively, but totally worry-free even where toddlers are concerned.

AlliFerg said... [Reply to comment]

The floors look great!!

Brooke said... [Reply to comment]

He is SO big. There's such a leap after 6 months. I guess it's that mobility factor. Go figure.

Love Andrew's ornament.

Your mom-blogger gig sounds great! Can't wait to hear details.

And your floors look fabulous. I want to visit you and see them in person!

Renel said... [Reply to comment]

There is so much in this post I don't even know where to start. You have a lot going on. I am really interested in the the blogher conference that you were invited to. And where is your next trip booked for?
B is crazy cool. I love watching him grow and develop.
I know you are really looking forward to enjoying your house and not working on it so much....very soon.