Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fishy Business

While it's starting to feel like spring around these parts (funny how temps in the 40's excite me), it's feeling much warmer in my hometown. It makes me want to be back... but not only for the weather. Today there was a story about millions of fish washing up in the Redondo Beach, California harbor. I also worked at a restaurant on the pier for five years prior to my teaching career.

It's not often that stories come out of my hometown, so this excited me as it made national news! I sure wish I could ride my ol' beach cruiser, wear short sleeves, and cruise on down to the harbor today. Ray and I used to go for nightly runs at King Harbor as it was less than a mile from our first beach bungalow as a married couple. I'd love to just go back in time when life was a bit simpler, more carefree as it was when we were first married and living there. A time when our baby wasn't dead and we saw the world through those rose-colored glasses. Every post manages to have a piece of negativity, doesn't it? Fail.

Anyway, back to those fish. It turns out they were (probably) trying to escape red tide and became stuck in shallow waters lacking the oxygen they needed to survive. Some stories here and here.
Those are fish, people!!!

Also seen on the news this evening... the HCG diet. That makes me sick. Don't ask me why, but it rubs me the wrong way.


Katie Truelove said... [Reply to comment]

Hmmm, I was dreaming of socal today but after seeing all those fish I think I'll stay away for a bit;)

Molly said... [Reply to comment]

OMG at the fish!!! I miss my rose-colored glasses, too. Oh to rewind a bit...

Newlywed Next Door said... [Reply to comment]

Crazy! I bet it stinks SO bad. I'm in Northern CA for work right now, but I hope it doesn't stink in Long Beach when I get home tomorrow.