Sunday, February 6, 2011

Present Day Prophet

Do you believe in prophecy?

I cannot say whether or not I do. Though I have a relationship with God and know that prophecy is meant to be a "gift" to some, I simply have a hard time believing it. Aside from the Bible, I've never seen/heard of a prophecy "coming true", but I also don't know of much being prophesied. 

Recently my mom encountered a prophet (while she was walking her dog) who spoke information to her of the future. One of my friends also had a complete stranger (just as my mom did) confront her on an airplane once about something that is meant to happen to her daughter in the future. Another friend was approached by her friend who dreamt something (true) of her, though no one had any idea.

I just find such experiences bizarre. Not in a negative way, but the whole idea just perplexes me. I've never had anyone approach me with any information about my life, history, or future, so it makes it even more convoluted to me. Maybe I'm too skeptical. 

Have you ever experienced an interaction with a prophet? 


boo and stacy arnold said... [Reply to comment]

No prophets here. My husband has and she (a nun) was right......

Random- I just clicked on your 4th grade open house. I taught 4th grade in LA too. I commuted from Manhattan Beach to Sherman Oaks (ouch). I am FREAKING out with your room and prep for Open House. I bet all the parents LOVED having you as a teacher. Holy moly....if your room was a 10 mine was a 2.5 and I taught magnet so you would think my room would have looked like yours. I am having 4th room envy (and guilt). I saw that Jen left you a comment on that post. I bet her rooms were that organized too. IMPRESSED to say the least!!!!!

Erin Farrell Speer said... [Reply to comment]

Actually, yes. My mom gets images and sometimes words for family and strangers, usually regarding their current circumstances - and she's always right on. She's really careful about the moments she chooses to share information with people. She's frequently had visions for me over the years - some she keeps to herself until she knows I'm ready to hear it. And we're both what you would consider "sane" and "reasonable".

Michelle said... [Reply to comment]

I think some people have a gift for seeing things, but I don't know if I feel like I'd call them prophets.